Al Basar International Foundation Bangladesh (A non profit organization)

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Our Identity

Al Basar International Foundation is now a UK based charity organization working in Bangladesh since 1992.

The main focus of this foundation is to combat avoidable blindess, adopting various tools and machanism, such as implementing free of cost eye camps, establishing eye hospitals, extending eye screening services to school children, in addition to arrangment of ophthalmic training to eye healthcare personnel.


This Foundation has so far implemented 88 free of cost eye camps in 43 districts in Bangladesh for the poor and destitute people where 606313 patients have been treated, 43922 cataract operations have been carried out and 129787 eyeglasses have been distributed. All these services have been carried out totally free of cost. 


Presently, Al Basar International Foundation manages seven eye hospitals throughout the nation, including two situated in the capital city of Dhaka – Alnoor Eye Hospital and Makka Eye Hospital Uttara. The remaining five hospitals operated by the foundation are Makka Eye Hospital Rajshahi, Makka Eye Hospital Tangail, Makka Eye Hospital Rangpur, Makka Eye Hospital Joypurhat, and Makka Eye Hospital Meherpur, all of which render free-of-cost services to underprivileged patients.


Compared to other eye hospitals in Bangladesh, these hospitals provide patients with affordable rates if they are able to pay. The services rendered by these hospitals have yielded exceedingly positive results, with a cumulative total of 4,698,376 patients receiving treatment up to 2022. Out of these patients, 218,717 underwent a range of eye surgeries, while 764,278 received eyeglasses within the same timeframe.


The foundation places significant emphasis on its school-based eye health program, which has been implemented in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, since 2014. Over the course of 2014 to 2022, the program has screened the eyes of 210,895 students, conducted 55 surgeries, and distributed 7,673 pairs of eyeglasses.


The foundation offers an appropriate training program for its medical and administrative personnel, and is currently working towards setting up a dedicated institute for ophthalmic training in Dhaka.