Al-Basar International Foundation recently organized an International Free Eye Camp in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. The camp was made possible by the generosity of the esteemed sponsor, Shaikh Abu Khaled. Legal formalities were completed on due time, and an awareness campaign was conducted to inform the community about the upcoming free eye camp and the services it would offer. The eye camp commenced on September 28, 2023. The initial day focused on patient registration, cataract assessments, and the distribution of medication and eyeglasses who did not need cataract operation. Selected patients were assessed for surgical eligibility, and 511 surgeries were performed during the event. Subsequent days were dedicated to pre-surgery preparations, conducting operations, post-operative care, and informative sessions on post-surgery eye care. Over the course of the camp, a total of 4085 patients were screened, 511 cataract removal operations were performed, 1448 glasses were distributed and 6734 medicine units were distributed. The response from the community was very positive, with patients expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to regain their vision