Free eye camps are essential aspect of healthcare, particularly in developing countries where access to medical care can be challenging for many individuals in countries like Bangladesh. These camps provide an opportunity for individuals to get free-of-charge cataract operations which are sight saver for the who cannot afford the cost of such operation. Free eye screening is the another outstanding aspect of this eye camps which can identify potential eye issues early on and help prevent vision loss. Free eye camps are organized by the experienced and well trained medical teams chosen from among the ophthalmologists, nurses, technicians and administrative persons working in different eye hospitals of Al-Basar International Foundation.  These camps play a significant role in improving the overall health and well-being of individuals, and they contribute to a brighter future for communities where they are held. Below is the primary statistic of the free-of-charge international eye camp held by Al-Basar International Foundation so far in Bangladesh:


Total Screenings 606,313

Total Surgeries 43922

Total Glasses 129,787

The inception of our initial major eye camp in Bangladesh traces back to 1992 when it was conducted in Cox’s Bazar. Subsequently, it traversed across the country and encompassed 43 districts by the conclusion of 2022.