In 2014, Makka Eye Hospital Tangail was founded as a fourth hospital facility of Al Basar International Foundation in Bangladesh. Located in Dewla, close to the new bus stand in Tangail, the hospital has since expanded to include three clinics, an operation wing with advanced medical equipment, as well as an optical shop and pharmacy.


Makka Eye Hospital Tangail has a skilled team of medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities that are dedicated to delivering outstanding eye care services to patients. The hospital is recognized for its high-quality eye treatments, such as cataract surgery.


Apart from its main goal of providing the best quality eye care services, Makka Eye Hospital Tangail also places importance on creating a pleasant and calming environment for its patients. The hospital’s facilities are carefully designed to enhance patient comfort and convenience, and its staff are trained to offer attentive and compassionate care to every individual.


In addition to its regular operations, Makka Eye Hospital Tangail arranges Free Medical Days in the surrounding area. These events are intended to offer free eye care services to individuals who do not have access to such resources. The hospital’s outreach programs have played a significant role in promoting awareness about eye care and promoting preventive measures against eye diseases.


Makka Eye Hospital Tangail serves as a prime example of the Al Basar International Foundation’s resolute commitment to providing affordable and high-quality eye care services to the people of Tangail. With its advanced facilities, proficient medical professionals, and wide range of services, Makka Eye Hospital Tangail represents a center of hope for patients in search of excellent eye care in the Tangail and surrounding areas.